Sunday, March 07, 2010

Any drycleaners?

Does anyone in or near London know a really good dry cleaner? I went out to dinner last nght and the waiter managed to spill white chocolate sauce on my leather jacket. I got some off but the rest is going to need proffessional attention.

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Sandy said...

not sure about London, but I found a reliable place in Sunninghill. (when I needed to find out the drycleanability of the materials used in the Bird costume for the Game On show at the Barbican)
the reason they are reliable is that they are down the road from a theatre and are used to doing the costumes. so that might be an idea when looking.
however, do ask first. When I was checking out drycleaners, alot of the Named shops send away to one specialist shop (Sheffield?!). The cost is more because of it and the turn around is quite long.

Alternatively, if you are connected with costumers or re-enactors, you might find out what they recommend. I can't see them sending everything out to drycleaners. check this site out you have to scroll down to the red box for the link to the forum.
Sandy in Bracknell