Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy quilters and stitchers

I found out where I was speaking, Bedfordshire. The group was 'Busy quilters and stitchers' who meet in a school with a good size hall. Before the talk I not only had to get the quilts from the storage unit but also spent an hour pushing cars. One was leaving home after several years to start a new life. Oddly, for me, it felt really good seeing it loaded onto a trailer and driven away. However to get to that point there was a lot of shuffling to do. Pushing cars on mud and wet grass isn't much fun at the best of times but when their brakes have siezed it's really nasty, especially at 7am. Still we got it done and made it to the talk. Having, pushed, loaded, unloaded and reloaded I am now exhausted with very sore wrists. At least I can have a break in the car while Tet drives us home.

Edit - turns out that we need to make a long journey tomorrow so rather than leaving everything in the car ready for Thursday we had the chance to unload the car again. Woop :( It also means we get to reload it soon too. This quilting lark involves an awful lot of lifting and carrying.

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