Sunday, March 14, 2010

Order and chaos

In the winter I spend more time than most in my car traveling to teach. The rest of the year I practically live in my car. I don't mind that but it has given me some intersting problems to solve. The simplest was the issue of finding small village halls down unlit roads in the middle of nowhere. I had already worked out ways of keeping maps and directions where I could see them, but without light that doesn't really help much. No problem, a sat nav can usually get me that last few miles and provides light when it gets it wrong.

Slightly harder was finging a way to keep frequently needed things to hand in a full car. The really useful box company helped me with that one. i have one of their deep organiser trays which works great and fits on the passenger seat.

Thee biggest problem though has been the general clutter that was collecting in the car and particularly all the things that can roll around. Cans of drink are the worst. I hate paying motorway prices but even more than that i dislike the cans developing holes and spraying their content everywhere. I've been looking at official car tidies for a while but none of them will work for my situation. Most are designed to either fit on the back or a seat or in the boot. Both areas that are full when I go to a talk. I really wanted something for the front passenger seat thjat could live on the back seat the rest of the time. The few things that fitted the bill were very expensive. I was finally inspired by a steamer trunk. Yes one of the huge traveling wardrome and drawer things. Obviously they are too big but a smaller set of drawers would be perfect. Twenty pounds later I have a perfectly sized three drawer unit. The best bit is there is room to have a drawer for my traveling design tools. When I am waiting to do a talk I like to use the time productively and as I design on paper it is the perfect take anywhere job. It's also rather nice having a tidy car again.


Feather on a Wire said...

Can we have a photo? And a link to where it came from?

Jan said...

I was looking forward to seeing a picture ,so pleased you managed to solve your problem Jan xx

Ferret said...

I think it is these,>DRAWER+UNITS

You will have to join all that back together sorry.

I will take a picture of it in use when we aren't driving down the motorway :)