Friday, March 26, 2010

Southport and stuff

We made it. There were indeed a lot of roadworks but mostly the traffic was moving. The weather even held for us, only raining when we were in the car and stopping each time we needed to get out.

The venue is quite easy to find and despite looking very modern on the outside the interior is full of fantastic period architecture. I didn't think to take a picture on my phone so you will just have to believe me. We unloaded and scoped out the theater. We also had time for a coffee in the dinner room. It has the strangest acoustics. Everything echos. You need to talk quietly and down to nothave an echo. Apparently it goes away when the room is full. Very odd. The photograph is of the lake behind the conference center. The whole of Southport is full of lovely buildings. It must have been staggeringly beautiful in it's heyday. I've been told that the town is now working hard to restore the buildings. I hope they do, this is a lovely town that deserves to be looked after.

I've not heard anything from Lancaster so I guess Phoenix didn't place in the competition. I would love to have a picture of it while it is there though, so if you are at the show, please could you take one for me.

I am also waiting to hear about another American event. It's always worth lookin at, and indeed subscribing to the shows, but perhaps there is more to come?

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Penny said...

That's a shame about Pheonix, it's a glorious piece of artwork.