Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ricky's quilt made it back.

Ricky has his bag back, complete and intact. He thanks everyone who made a noise about this and made United Airlines take note. They have been speaking to him today and when they actually tried they found it and got it back to him very quickly. It shows that when they want to they really can be quite efficient. Shame it takes this sort of effort to make them want to.

Still the quilts made it home, and all is well.


jan said...

Brilliant, well done Ferret.

Sewing Granny said...

I am so glad that Ricky had his and Libby Lehman's quilts (yes he had one of hers too) +and all his Dubai souveniers returnd to him - Thank you for blogging it Ferret. Your blog must be read by so many that I am sure you were one of those resposible for the luggage being returned quickly.