Friday, February 05, 2010


We've all heard about the improvements in technology but I'm not entirely convinced. Once upon a time hard drives were expensive. I mean really expensive but they lasted. Now I seem to need a new hard drive every few months. It's not the end of the world we do have backups and we mirror the data, but it is annoying. Just having to get another drive and install it takes time. If this is improvement I can do without it.

I would also like companies to stop improving their soups. Apparently some regulationg body has declared that foods should have less fat and salt in them. In principle I agree. However when you take the cream and salt out of cream of something soups they really loose they character. Maybe it is a drive to bankrupt these companies and make us cook more. If I thought it would get people creating in the kitchen I guess I could live with it, but honestly I think people will just choose cheaper and less healthy foods.

I've started planning my NEC projects. As they are still secret squirrel I thought I would try keeping journals for them that I can post after the event. I have a lot of people ask me about my process and this might be a way to give an answer. Of course I have no idea how well I will stick to it, I've never tried this sort of thing before, but I will see. It may get less detailed when the deadline gets closer too ;)

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