Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm stuffed

I cannot believe how much I have eaten. It seems that food is the way to a quilters heart. Personally I think I am more swayed by the hugely helpful staff. Nothing has been a problem for anyone.

I did forget a few things last night, it had been a long day. Firstly the flight over was great. London was grey and yucky, but Wales had perfect weather. Lots of lovely cloud formations. As we approached Ireland the clouds closed in again and I thought I would miss out on seeing the countryside. We decended through the top layer of cloud and underneath were the most beautiful small clouds. The sky where you could see it was stripy and the ground patchwork greens. Definately the way to impress a visitor.

As I said yesterday we arrived in time for lunch and then had a couple hours of free time. We were advised to have a look at the beach. It is lovely I don't know if the picture will come close to doing it justice but, I've tried. The tide was a long way out and you have to go and see the sea don't you, when it's that close. I did get rather wet feet crossing the sand, and although it is warmer here than in London, it isn't really paddling weather.

It turns out Ireland is the same time zone as the UK, phew! I made it to breakfast on time and then to my class. They are a very keen bunch and have made great progress. We have been doing art quilts by numbers, but with the added bonus of of a couple of laptops and a printer. This allowed us to work with students own pictures. A little stressful, but a lot of fun. As you can see everyone worked hard, this was actually some time after the class finished! Several students couldn't bear to stop quilting, which is just great by me.

I am now watching the show and tell. Any minute now we will get to the nearly complete projects from the class. After that the raffle, then back to the bar. Oh did I not mention, they have a lovely bar here and quilter enjoy making use of it while catching up with friends. Hopefully tomorrow morning most of them will get their quilts finished, I'll try and get pictures.


Feather on a Wire said...

Ireland looks divine but I needed you here. I had to ring God instead.

jan said...

Just laughing at that message left for you, yep thats it then you are indeed a Goddess then......

Ferret said...

Sorry Sally, but I bet you enjoyed ringing God.