Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hello Ireland

It's been a long day, but I think most of the tired muscles are from laughing rather than any of the other exertions. Warm welcome wouldn't cover it, I feel more like I've just run into a lot of long lost friends. I expected Ireland to be similare to Scotland, and it kinda is, but it's also very different. Flying in it is clear there is a lot of space here. People are well spread out which I like. The building we are staying in is amazing. Yes, it's the one in the picture. It is stunning inside and out and just like Scotland people just can't help enough. Driving here the country feels very different. It does feel more European. I can't really put my finger on why, you'll just have to believe me that it does.

After a late but very welcome lunch we walked down to the beach. There is a right of way that takes you across a golf course and then through the dunes to the sea. Having grown up in Sussex I m used to shingle beaches. The expanse of sand was quite amazing. I got back in time tovisit the traders before an excellent dinner. Just as well the airport only weight the bags, I suspect we are going to be heavier on the way home. I have got to be very careful what I buy as the cases were absolutely full of quilts so I can only add to hand luggage.

I was the after dinner entertainment. I rather like eating before a talk, it's much more relaxed somehow. I had been a little concerned that the talk would be too short as I had less quilts, or that more of my audience would fall asleep because I had to talk without props for some of it. Apparently not just over an hour and the crowd seemed happy. I can't quite believe I can now stand up and just talk in front of a crowd. I never thought it was something I would do.

Tomorrow I start my class. We will be doing 'Art quilts by numbers'. It should be fun especially as we have access to a computer and a printer so some students can work on their own images.

Having just set an alarm I am now wondering. Is Ireland on the same time as the UK? This could get exciting.


Jan said...

Like you Ihave been to both Ireland and Scotland ,so know what you mean ,the welcome is special in both ,You did vwery well with your talk ,an hour is a loooooong time ,clever girl ,looking forward to hearing about the rest ,and seeing the pictures Jan xx

Ferret said...

They are both great aren't they.