Thursday, February 25, 2010

The cat's out of the bag.

Yay, I can finally tell you what I am up to, I am making garments for the international evening at the Festival of Quilts this year. There is a friendly competition between the Brits and the Russians in the form of a fashion show. I am really looking forward to it as it is quite different for me. I've done plenty of quilting and a lot of dress making but never together. It's given me a great excuse to get on with a couple of projects I had been putting off due to a lack of time.

I was very excited to see Sara Impey will be giving a talk there too. It is a 1 hour lecture on Saturday 21st August, at 1pm. She doesn't do a lot of talks so this is a great oportunity. If you haven't heard her talk about her work I highly recomend it, even if you find her quilts a bit similar to each other. I loved the first quilt of hers I saw and got less interested as I saw more, unfortunately this meant I missed a lot. I would spend more time with a new quilt of hers now having heard her speak, but I think the best way to view her quilts is as a group and her talk is probably the best place to do that. Can you tell her talk was one that made a big impression on me :)

The information for the Festival is now availble at the Twisted Thread web site. Booking for the classes doesn't open until March.


Penny said...

That sounds like an interesting combinition - I don'tr know what you'll come up with, but it's bound to be different.

Sandy said...

I wonder how they decided who to invite to do the fashion show. I would have loved to do this! I was quite disappointed when the Bernina show at Houston finished.

Maybe it will become an event others can apply for. Do you make the garment in advance or is it Project runway/catwalk style of making it up on the night?
Sandy in Bracknell

Ferret said...

I don't know how they chose. I wonder if it was "which suckers will go for this before they realise how much work is involved" :) Or they may have been looking for the range of spectacle? Who knows. If it is a success I could imagine them making it a regular feature and opening it up to contestants.

I have to make garments/outfits for four categories before the show. It was suggested there could be more than that, bus I think this is quite enough to do in the time scale. I m looking forward to it, but boy is there a lot to do.