Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bye bye An Grianan

The course is over and we've had to leave. I am very sorry to have only had such a short time there. The people, place and food were all amazing. I really hope I will get to come back and see some of the quilters again. Having longer to work on the art quilts meant that every one has gone home with an almost completed wall hanging. It was nice just to see the projects through that far.

After the course we were delivered to Dublin by one of the organizers (did I mention how helpful everyone was?) and dropped at the door of our hotel. We figured we would have a day to look around Dublin, especially as it made the flight cheaper. As we have very limited time, we went to start exploring straight away. We walked down to the O'Connell then along the river towards the harbour. It was a nice quiet walk as it took us away from the main shopping and tourist area. It also gave a chance to look at several bridges and a ship.


Anonymous said...

hi - really enjoyed your class at An Grianan - hope your day in Dublin was good, love the pic of the boat bcked by the bridge - Breege.

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Glad you had a great time in Ireland. Lincolnshire next. Looking forwards to seeing you Friday.
Angela (Pearoom Quilters)

Claire said...

Hi Ferret,
I was at An Grianan for the IPS weekend - have to say I really enjoyed your talk on the Friday night - it was very funny and entertaining...