Thursday, February 14, 2008

Never enough apocalypse when you need it

So I've started putting this monster quilt together and I've discovered that my massive amount of fabric isn't enough. Specifically the wonderful end of the world sky fabric just isn't going to stretch. So I can't do any more on it until Sunday at the earliest. How annoying is that? I would like to say just as I was getting to grips with it, but really that wouldn't be true. The 'nice manageable' bit I started with barely fit across the width of the fabric. Still I can say it is coming together and I think I have the first third under control.

I guess tomorrow will be spent working on the next chapter of my book. Probably just as well given I will be teaching it next Wednesday and I think I have something booked every day between now and then.


sion said...

ha. best blog post title ever.

Ferret said...

Thanks, it appealed to me :)

maybe I have watched too much Buffy recently.