Friday, February 08, 2008

For those at UKC

Hi to everyone from the University of Kent who has been visiting recently. I guess I should explain a bit about why my exhibition posters have appeared on your notice boards. I studied Physics with Astrophysics there some (cough) years ago. Even though it has been quite a while I still feel very close to Darwin college, and I couldn't resist inviting you all to see my show. I can't leave all the art to the students at the art college in town now can I. Also I think it would amuse some of the lecturers there how far from science I have strayed. Although strangely quilting seems to attract quite a lot of science based people. I guess it is realy and engineering subject where maths is very useful. If you are going to sculpt in textiles you really do want a grounding in some kind of structural engineering too.

I've been really thrilled with how many of you have taken the time to look at my site, but I suspect it won't have been entirely to your tastes. Still if you do feel like coming and seeing my work it would be great to find out what is going on on campus now. I am also trying to encourage people to do more interesting things with textiles. There is a lot of scope, and very few people seem to be trying to exploit it. There are many ways of incorporating electronics, computing and robotics into textiles, and I don't have time to explore all these avenues myself. It's time textiles broke out of their rather old fashioned image and did something more exciting, ideas and collaborations invited.

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