Thursday, February 14, 2008

Finally Daunted

People often ask if anything daunts me, and it has to be said very little does. However I have come up with something that is giving me more than a moments thought. It isn't difficults, but huge and I don't have a studio big enough to fit it in sensibly. I've spent the last two days just trying to work out the logistics of handling this piece. I am really looking forward to getting on with it. I think the only place I can lay out the background is the longarm fram. Of course it is only really going to work on the skinnier elements, but that will be a help. It would also mean I could stitch the pieces into place as I go so I won't have to worry about them moving before I finish. Did I mention this thing is big :) Yup count me somewhat daunted, but very excited. Poop still no spell checker. Oh well you'll just have to forgive the spelling, sorry.

Oh on the exciting note. My images have just gone off to the giclee printer. I can't quite believe I am getting my quilts reproduced. In a couple of days I should get some proofs, how wierd is that going to be. Thanks to all those who have got in touch and sent me their addresses for show invites. If there is anyone from Veritas reading I would love to invite you guys but I don't have any contact details so please do get in touch.


Penny said...

Sounds intriguing.

Ferret said...

Well all will be revealed at my show. I want even my regulars to have some surprises :)