Monday, November 26, 2007

You know you have too many quilts when....

You come down to find you have post. You correctly identify that the long package is a rolled quilt and that as it is from an exhibition it is probably yours, but you have no idea which one. 'Tropical punch has just returned home after a trip to many shows. On it's own I think it is a great quilt, unfortunately for me it was in competition with a lot of absolutely amazing work and looked rather plan and boring with them. I guess you live and learn. Rather annoyingly the silver quilting on it is perfect tension. Now how the heck did I manage that when I can't seem to do it anymore.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in congratulations for me getting into Road 2 California. Has anyone else had their envelopes? Who's work will be playing with mine this time?

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Tracey said...

Hey --- well done girl ....2 quilts / 1 show ! I'm really chuffed for you! Hope its the start of a good road for you!