Thursday, November 01, 2007

Busy Busy

Well my hand has got better, at least somewhat, so I am back quilting. I am being very careful when I roll the quilt on though. Rather foolishly I forgot to photograph that last quilt I did, but as I know the owner pretty well I hope to get a picture when it has been bound. Still I have now had time to upload the quilt you saw a couple of days ago.

Well I assumed I would now be able to show you the pictures, but blogger isn't sure about that. I will keep trying and when I get them up I will add to this post. Sorry about that. The spell checker isn't working either, so please ignore any funny spellings.

OK, I now have the full image up. I took this picture early in the morning in the workshop at Patchwork Corner. Believe it or not that blinds were down, but the sun was still streaming in. I love these crisp sunny mornings. It also does a great job of showing up my quilting. I had intended to get a picture later in the day to show it lit more evenly but of course I forgot. The quilt is a kit that Jenny produces and I think she said it had over 40 fabrics in it. It certainly has a lot, and it is a lovely scrappy quilt. It was fun spotting all the subtle variations as I worked.
Yay, and finally I have the detail picture up as well. This is a close up of the handily high lit area. It gives you an idea of the quilting pattern. I chose all over feathers for this quilt as it seemed to be the most traditional of my designs, and I couldn't see contemporary designs suiting these fabrics. I am glad that Jenny only told me afterwards that she couldn't see what I had in mind, and that she liked how it came out. Eeek! That could have gone very wrong. Still all's well that ends well, and I now have two more quilts that want similar designs so I guess it can't be bad.

On the other hand I have another quilt waiting that hasn't told me or it's owner what it wants quilted on it, and I want to get it done for early next week. Hope it gets chatty soon.


Terri said...

Your feathers are gorgeous! Great job!

Anonymous said...

there's an article in this months quilters newsletter about looking after yourself especially if you are a longarm quilter. You perhaps need to take more frequent breaks so that you are not overstressing your muscles. love reading your blog BTW
Brenda in the Boro

Ferret said...

Thanks Terri, it's hard to believe now, but I was so scared of feathers, seems kinda silly now I can do them.

Brenda - I do take a lot of little breaks during the day. I think I need to change how I grip and turn my rollers, given that is what seems to be stressing my hands and it is waht I was doing when it went pop. Having spent a day doing it left handed I can feel it is quite hard on my hand gripping something that size. I will have to give some thought to how I can modify my set up.