Monday, November 12, 2007

Nude with rope

The professional photographs arrived on Saturday. I am thrilled with them and I highly recommend getting your quilts professionally photographed. As promised I can now show you some better pictures of 'Nude with rope'. Please do click on the pictures to see the full size image, I have scaled them down a little, but there are still a good size.

It was interesting watching the photographer set up the quilt for photographing. It makes a huge difference as you make quite small changes to the lighting. The proof is in the images though. They are so much better than any I managed of this quilt. He has even managed to pick up the background quilting.

Hopefully with these pictures you can see it isn't painted, but is made up of several shades of blue fabric. They are lightly fused into place then quilted to secure. I find that bodies normally show me how to quilt them. The only exception to this is faces. I find them very hard to see quilted, and in general I prefer them before I quilt them. This one was a pleasant surprise. Something about the way the light is hitting her face made it clear to me how I needed to quilt it, and when done I still liked it. For me that was a very big deal.

Now I have these very good pictures I can start looking into getting large prints made of some of my work. I love postcards but I would like to be able to offer something with a higher level of detail. I would love to have posters of some quilts, but I guess I would be in the minority so instead I will look at getting high quality art prints produced. Of course, I am always interested in hearing what you guys think of the idea. Would you rather have a poster or a print?


Kathy said...

That is just the most amazing piece of work I think I have ever seen. I am completely blown away! And the photos are fantastic.

Ferret said...

Thanks Kathy.

Teri said...

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much I love this quilt. It is very striking. Thanks for sharing pictures of it. I hope that it does well in shows, it is very unique. Thanks,

Leah Day said...

This is an absolutely excellent quilt. How did you design it? Did it start with a photograph and then was transferred to paper?

I know what you mean about the picture telling you how to quilt and where. I'll definitely take your advice about professional photographing from now on. If you don't mind my asking, how much did it cost to have this quilt photographed?

Sorry to be nosy! I just really like your work.


Leah Day

Ferret said...

I can't actually remember how much it was. I had a whole days photography and I think it was about 200 pounds. We managed to do about 8-9 quilts in that time. I felt it was amazingly good value, which is why the amount just hasn't stuck. If I get time I will try and dig out the invoice. Failing that ask Neil himself, he can be contacted via Christine Porters web site.
He was very easy to work with and as you can see did a great job on some rather tricky quilts. As soon as I have enough I will be going for another days worth.