Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quilt done

The quilt I blogged about last week went home today. It took a late night and an early morning but I think it was well worth it. Getting the borders straight took a lot of pinning as the outer triangles are bias edges and the border is a loose weave. Any quilt where the blocks are on point will need a bit of extra care to keep straight and square, the loose weave fabrics are just an added bonus. Fortunately the piecing was good so it did come together.

I knew this quilt was going to be shown, and that also adds a level of stress when quilting. It does give me a chance to have my quilting seen, whcih is great, and I do like to make sure it's interesting. Had I just been quilting this as a pattern sample (which it is) I would probably use a quick all overpattern or maybe some repeated feathers in the blocks. However for a show quilt I have several patterns on the quilt. The designs needed rulers and a stencil to produce as well as masking tape to devide up the areas, so these would be custom quilting.

As well as making the quilt look good now I was thinking how the quilt will look in the future. The fabrics and wadding are not pre-washed so they will shrink when the quilt is washed. Jenny ans I both like the antique effect this gives but with the loose fabric I wanted to be sure it would shrink nicely. I also want the quilt design to be appropriate that antique look. That was a factor in choosing to do the cross hatching and ruler work. Of course it will be a while before I get to see how that pans out.

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Sharon said...

Very nice, love the cont. curve, great background.