Saturday, May 12, 2012

Next quilt up

Any guesses what I've got obn the frame now? I think some of my students will be able to give it a pretty good go. I will tell you I need this done pretty soon. I am really looking forward to getting back to it, I'm having fun.

Right now though I need to prepare for todays class. I'm teaching Speed 4 to Priory quilters. I hope they come, it's the first nice day we've had and this looks like gardening territory.

On the subject of teaching, I am thinking of more long classes I can run as 3-5 day retreats. It seems this format is really popular right now. What would you like to work on in a retreat? Would you want to learn a lot of techniques, like a sampler or would you rather work on a project with one or two techniques? Do you want to go home with a finished item or would you enjoy carrying on your holiday when you get home?

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Liz said...

Looking forward to seeing more!