Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer school equipment

I promised one of my students I would share the kit I have assembled for making my version of the summer school project. I will share drawing materials at another time this is just what I use for the sewing part. I am particularly pleased with the box everything goes in. I had been carrying the fabrics in a plastic bag which was fine until I wanted to carry a big pair of scissors. They quickly started making holes in the bag so I had to find another option. This case has a large central section where I can store my fabrics, scissors and rotary cutter. The lid lets me keep my foundations flat in a separate section. On each side of the case are small boxes with dividers perfect for the small tools.

The tools I am using are fairly common, but I have gone for a smaller rotary cutter and an add an eigth ruler rather than their bigger brothers. The foundation I am doing this time is very intricate and I really don't have room for a bigger seam. When I bought the cutter I also bought spare blades. I will be cutting a lot of layers and I suspect the blades won't last long. This also gave me the perfect size piece of cardboard to fold my foundations. Partly because I have been working on thjis in the van I was finger pressing. When I had the choice I realise I was getting a better result than with an iron and it saves on the walking as well. The only downside was the sore finger, so a finger iron got added to the set. The plastic clover ones work great even if they don't look as nice as the wooden ones. Along with a sewing machine and a cutting mat this is pretty much it. For a weeks worth of supplies I think this is pretty neat.

Oh gosh I forgot the most important thing there, my new clover seam ripper. Lets face it, there will be ripping to do and it is do much nicer to do it with a sharp ripper. I love the clover ones because they have a big comfortable handle. As a tutor I really do get to do a lot of unpicking and this stops my hands hurting after a busy day.

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