Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You know you're a quilter when

you find yourself looking at the political propaganda that comes through the letterbox to find out who printed it. I will admit I did first poke fun at the headline, something about the VAT rise affecting everyone in my area. No you don't say, I thought this region was exempt. Grrrr, I am really not that thick thank you very much. Then I noticed the paper was what I wanted to print my foundation patterns on. Of course being political the odds are that the printer gave them a discount in return for some advertising and I was right. There are contact details for the printer so I will get in touch and see what the cost of printing foundation papers would be. I'm not sure I really want to support a printer who does political campaigns but I've been struggling to find anyone to do what I need so I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.


rderrett said...

You could just take the paper to any good printer and ask him to source the same stock? Any printer worth using will know exactly what the stock is. That is the simple way round thorny political issues

Ferret said...

Yes That's what I thought but I am after someone to print on thin newsprint in really large sizes and that seems to be pretty rare. None of my regular printers can/will do it. That is what this leaflet was so I guess I will give it a go.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold political work againt them - these days printers need all the business they can get. It's a digital world out there.


jan said...

Well that is a little bit conflicting isn't it! Your message Ferret says the printers you have tried wont do what you ask of them, then Anonymous - who I am assuming is a printer!!! - says they have to take work where they can get it.
Hmmmm the mind boggles. Maybe Anonymous will do your printing for you Ferret.
I see it is actually signed Janet, my there are a lot of us about these days, this one is not me though I am Jan - lopped off the et.