Sunday, January 16, 2011

I´m back

At last I am back on a proper computer. It´s even mostly working. It has still  got a few quirks though so bear with me. The van is also fixed, in fact better than it was. The alternator has been replaced and we have had habitation serviced. So in theory I have working hot water, oven and electricity. The latter still needs some work to get it to where I need it, but hopefully that will be done this week. We even got the van a new set of tyres!

Classes have restarted and seem to be going well. Another group are tackling my new mystery quilt and the first batch have nearly all finished it. Sadly I can show you any as that would rather spoil the mystery. However it will be being released as a pattern so if you want to find out what it looks like you could always make it.

Yesterday I had a return booking with Chiltern Quilters. I last saw them in 2007 so I was able to take a good selection of new work for them to see. It was great to have so many friendly faces for my first talk of the year. I  was shocked how rusty I was after a month off. I hope they enjoyed it, I know I did, thanks for lunch too, it was great to be able to eat between unloading and speaking. It was also good to see another Starr Designs quilt there as I took Holiday Starrfire with me this time. Next weekend I will be heading up to Nene quilters, hopefully I will be more in the swing of things by then.

As well as being rusty I found the talk yesterday really took a lot out of me. It may also be related to being ill last week, but today getting the tyres fitted to the van seemed like quite enough activity.

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Linda said...

Hi Ferret, loved your talk yesterday at Chiltern Quilters. Been neglecting my quilting recently but you have inspired me to drag out the sewing machine and try some free-motion quilting...I have to be just DO IT. Thanks. Linda