Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quilting and travel

I finally feel I am getting back into a routine. I know it won't last but for now it's pretty good. Yesterday I managed to get a customer quilt done and sort out some of my travel plans. It's always a bit og a shock how complex that becomes. It seems simple to just book a flight from X to Y right. Except I am looking for the absolute cheapest option. Of course that means you have to factor in baggage allowances and travel to the airport. By the time you start considering the cost of fuel and parking for a further airport against a more expensive flight closer it really does get to be an interesting problem. Once you've figured out the best plan (and frankly it it's for your holiday go for easy your time is worth more than you will save with calculating all the different options) you need to persuade a website to take your booking. I think it took 6 attempts and 2 computers last night for that one. I do think I got the absolute cheapest option though, which is really important when you are spending other peoples money.

After that I moved on to trying to book a ferry. Again how hard can that be. It is simpler that flights, as there are less options, but you still have to weigh up cost, potential delays, and the timings of events. Then I had to state the size of my vehicle, in metric. Hmm, interesting. Did you know a tape measure that is great for quilts is not so good for motorhomes. Oh you did, well why didn't you tell me. Or perhaps suggest I should have measured my van on a nice dry day just incase? Well I did need to measure it and I did know I should but I wouldn't have picked late and night in the pouring rain. Still I've done it now and I can see exactly how tight the barrier at Pacific Plaza was. I'm glad I didn't know that at the time.

I guess I should go and get on with the next quilt in line now. It's loaded so I just have to make the sewing happen. I am trying to get all my customer work cleared as fast as possible, and at the very least before I start heading off all over the country.

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