Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What should next year look like?

It's the time of year when I make my calendar for the next year. The first one I did was just for fun, but they seem to have got more popular each year. Given I now make them for you it seems only fair to ask which quilts you would like to see in them. I will be making both a desk calendar and a wall one again this year. So which of my quilts should I put in the calendars?

At the moment I am on my way to Winchester. Tonights talk is Art Quilts. It's the first time I have done this one and I am surprisingly nervous. Not so much about the talk itself but more how people will react to it. It also feels odd having less bulk of quilts with me. Many of my art quilts are relatively small, so it looks like I don't have much with me. On the other hand I think I got very lucky. I took my prints of my triptych off the wall to bring with me, and as I left the room one of the hooks fell out of the wall. Given the size and weight of the prints that would have been on heck of a mess. On the other hand it's going to make rehanging them a bit tricky.

The break has also given me a chance to catch up on some paperwork. I'm a bit worried I may have misplaced one set, but all except 2 are ready to go back. I guess I need to find a postbox now. Maybe there will be one in the services.

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