Friday, August 27, 2010

Sewing World article about fashion designer from International eveing

One of the British entries in the fashion show was a team from a fashion school, who's name I can't find, please feel free to tell me. There were two models and several really interesting garments. One that I especially liked is this dress. Today I decided to take a quick look through all the sewing, knitting and crochet magazines just to see if there was anything interesting and boy was there. There is a whole article about this dress in the September issue of Sewing World, including how to make one.

The dress was designed by a new designer, Sarah Poulter who has just started her own bridal business based in Leicester. It is actually a rag rug, yes really, that has been very cleverly crafted to make this wonderful dress. She has liked it in duchess satin so you can't feel the hessian backing to the rug work. It's a good article with lovely pictures (there is a hat to go with the dress) but for me the instructions for making the dress are really the icing on the cake. Am I likely to make one? No, but I love knowing how it's done and it's given me some ideas for using the stiffness of quilting effectively in garments. Usually I would say quilting detracts from a garment but Sarah had taken something even more stiff and made something wonderful from it. Very inspiring work and I hope she will have a lot of success in the future.

The models in these pictures are Bex(dress) and Lucy(jacket) also with the same school. They kindly trained us in how to walk on the catwalk before the show, but still put us to shame with their performance. You really can tell how at home they were even from the still photographs. They were great to work with and kindly didn't point out our lack of skill.


Sarah Poulter said...

Thanks so much, it took a very long time to make but I think I was definately worth the effort in the end. The college is Inkberrow Design Centre and their website is at

Ferret said...

Thanks for the link, how long would you say in total to make the dress?