Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wanna try a graphic novel for a good cause?

As you may know I sometimes work with people in the comics industry. Recently a publisher has had a bad time and appreas at this point to have gone under. This has left 60 creators with their work in limbo and no pay cheques. It's a tought industry and this is a big hurt for these guys. However one of them has come up with a way to bring out one of the projects that was scheduled to go to this publisher but for which the contracts hadn't been signed (hence this work is free from the legal mess). They are asking people to pledge support so they can fund the print run of the book. It looks like a good idea to cover a print run in a hurry with no funds. If they can't raise enough support no one pays anything and the idea just vanishes. On the other hand if they manage it a book will be produced and the profits from the sales will go to the Comic Book Alliance to help them in their efforts to safeguard the rights of comics creators.

Take a look at their video, see if you think you might like to give these guys a hand. It's a great idea, and if some good can come out of the mess the creators find themselves in that would be great.


Cy Dethan said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Ferret. Much appreciated.

Ferret said...

No problem, I think it is a great way of getting a book out and of supporting a great cause. If it also brings graphic novels to a few more people that's even better.