Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wednesday, when did that happen?

I can't believe it is Wednesday already, and that I haven't been able to blog got two days. On one hand it is great news, I am madly busy, which is good. On the other hand I miss being able to post and have pictures to go with it. I have been making things but rather foolishly I have left them all at Patchwork Corner and I forgot to take photographs.

On the 20th October I will be teaching a Christmas class. We will be making quilted cards, ornaments and wreaths. They are a lot of fun and there should be enough time to finish them before the holiday. I made the card and baubles this week and I will try and get pictures tomorrow night when I go to teach.

I've also put the next two borders on my birthday quilt. I am very pleased with how it is growing. I just need to find time to draft the outer border which I will foundation piece. I can't see me having time to do that for a while so I have left that there to show an alternative use for the Graceful Geisha panel. I think it has so much potential when you look at it as a nice bundle of fabrics, but it is mostly shown as a way to create the Geisha portraits. I hope it will prompt others to make quilts that use it as many fabrics.

I've started some more woven panels, but I will have to wait until Sunday to have time to work on them again. This Saturday is the Autumn regional day of the Quilters Guild (region 7). It is at Leverstock Green Village Hall, and will have Margaret Johnson and Carolyn Gibbs speaking. I am looking after the raffle there and presenting what I learned from my bursary. I feel I need to prepare some words to put with my display there. I also need to make the raffle prizes look pretty. That and the customer work I have on will pretty much fill the rest of the week. It also looks like I have a few small issues to fix on my web site, but it is nice to know it is on our own servers so we have some control over whether it is up and available or not. Thanks to everyone who has helped me by testing it. It is very much appreciated.

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Penny said...

Hope the regional day went well. I know what you mean about not blogging: mine is being a bit neglected as well, unless you like Newton and Euclid.