Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I do wonder how people manage to get things done when I see how stunningly organization fails, and how often. Things that seem fairly simple to me seem to cause an awful lot of trouble. Maybe I am just hopelessly naive.

The latest thing to bring this to my attention is the hospital catering. The patients are given a form to choose their meals each morning. They have four main dishes and two deserts each for lunch and dinner. Two days in a row my friend has been told at lunch time that she can't have her choice of dinner because they don't have enough. OK supply problems hit anyone but the same person not getting their choice two days in a row seemed a little unfair. After some digging we found out that the meal choice in question had run out the day before, so when they were handed the selection forms there was none of that item to be had. So why offer it? Although I am still not quite sure why they keep low enough stocks to run out, especially when the staff know this happens fairly often, I really don't understand not crossing it off the list. It seems to me they just made themselves more work having to go and ask for another choice from everyone who had asked for the out of stock dinner. Besides when the whole range seems to be about eight items and they are all frozen and then microwaved, why not keep more stock of the popular items?

Anyway, tomorrow I am taking a day off from dealing with the hospital. I am off to Bristol to have some quilts photographed. I met Christine Porter at the Festival of Quilts, and she mentioned that her husband does quilt photography. As I have a couple that are very tricky to photograph well, I thought it might be time to call in a professional. It was surprisingly difficult to choose a selection to take. There were four no brainers, but if all goes well I could get eight done, so I need to take them with me. That is where it gets harder. Do I take those I think will make the best postcards, or the ones I am most likely to make patterns of? Or maybe I should try and work out which ones are most likely to end up in shows? I guess whatever I do I will find one I shouldn't have left out and one I never use, so long as I got the others right I think I can live with that. Two I would have chosen are off on their travels, so I guess when they come home I will have to book another session for them and then I can catch any I miss this time around. So wish me luck with the traffic and hope the quilts all hang as well as they can.

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