Thursday, October 11, 2007

My aches have aches

Yes I know, I am too young to be complaining of aches but this morning I feel like I was run over by something big and lumpy. Next person to tell me quilting isn't a physical sport will get such an earful. I had a busy and very interesting day yesterday. Tuting (that must be what a tutor does right?) at Patchwork Corner, then collecting and delivering quilting. That in itself was a pretty good work out hauling lots of stuff about, but I rounded it off with a talk to Connecting Threads quilt group.

Their venue is lovely, it is the library of a large school. Unfortunately the car park if some way from where you speak and I take quite a lot of quilts. I feel guilty getting others to carry the really big bundles I take so I like to take the biggest of them. So I am paying for it this morning. They were a lovely group though and several of them helped carry everything back to the car. Just as well I don't think I could have done it having held them up during the talk.

It's funny to meet a group who are based so close to me but that I had no idea existed. I wonder if there are more nearby? It is very hard to find out what is going on when you aren't already involved. Still they kindly invited me to go back as a guest next month when they have their Christmas party, and I think I will. It would be good to get to know some really local quilters. They also reassured me that venues near me are indeed expensive. I thought I had looked pretty well, but it was possible I has missed something good. Sadly no, I would love to run a group or some workshops in Harrow, I know there are a few quilters about, but who wants to pay hundreds of pounds to rent a room for a few hours. It just isn't practical. I will give the Arts center another try though, given it has new management. Maybe they will have something reasonable to offer.

This morning I have had the chance to break out a thread I never expected to use. A while ago I decided to buy the whole range of Masterpiece threads. I use them a lot and I guessed I would use most colours eventually. One that didn't seem likely is SubLime, you can probably guess what colour that is. It is a real lime green, but on this quilt it is perfect. It doesn't look loud or bright at all, I am so pleased I had it in the drawer. In fact I suspect this quilt will use a lot of unusual threads, and I can;t wait to get back to it. So off to it.


Anne Wigfull said...

Have you investigated community centres and churches as venues for a group? Probably the costs are high in Harrow and I have no idea of what they would be, but here in Bucks several modern churches,desperate to raise funds hire themselves for all sorts of things, from toddler to slimming groups.

Ferret said...

Yes I have. I was astounded at what some of the local churches charge to use almost derelict halls they own. I guess some people must be prepared to pay it thoguh, so they keep asking.