Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A great way to spend a day.

Well what a wonderful experience. I loved having my quilts photographed. It is quite amazing how much better they look when they are hung well. There were a couple that I really didn't rate when I have seen them hung at shows, but when properly supported they look so much better.

It was odd to find I didn't know some of my quilts as well as I thought. 'Where is the North Star' turned out to be a lot bigger and more red than I remembered it. Rather embarrassing as I asked if we could do it when we had finished as an extra, I said it was smaller than 'Guide Me', well I thought it was. For some reason I was sure it was a large single, rather than the nearly King size that is actually is. Oh and if you want to think about photographing your quilts, you might want to minimise the amount of red purple you use, it seems to be a very tricky colour to photograph accurately.

I know I won't have the finished product for a while, but if today was anything to judge by this is going to be very good value for money. It is amazing how useful it is to have an experienced photographer who is used to looking at quilts. He could see great closeups that just didn't occur to me. His knowledge of lighting quilts and tricks for getting the best from there is not something I could learn in a hurry, or indeed reproduce if I wanted to. I don't know if you can tell but I am very excited about having these pictures. Rest assured, I will share some small versions of them once I get them. I am looking forward to being able to put better pictures in my online portfolio. I also have a new project to work on, one of the closeup shots will make a great small project.


Feather on a Wire said...

I'm excited about this too. He's taking photos of all the quilts which went to the World Quilt Show from the UK, so I'll see how Nostalgia looks when I get the CD.
I've never seen it without it's bottom on the floor!

Ferret said...

It's funny isn't it. I am sure other people have a better idea of how some of our quilts look than we do. I think you will be pleased when the pictures get to you, he really does seem to understand quilts.

Christines was really surprised to find out I don't even have a design wall so a lot of my quilts I don't see in one go until they are at a show. I know a design wall would make things easier, but if you don't have one you don't have one and I am not going to let a littl thing like that stop me quilting :)

Penny said...

It'll be really interesting to see the photos. Are you going to do any as postcards?

Ferret said...

There will definately be postcards, I may also do notecards depending on demand.

I want to produce some high quality art prints too, they will be limited editions, and probably about A3. I am still trying to find a good company to use to produce those.