Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sandown 2011

Sandown was fun at the weekend. The highlight for me was meeting up with two of my students on the Sunday. It was the first time they had entered the show and were there using the free tickets that you get for entering. For me the best part was watching them. It's great seeing your quilt hung, it's even better when other people photograph it. There is nothing like the feeling that your quilt has inspired a total stranger. If you've not tried it give it a go. There are plenty of smaller shows to chose from.

My quilts did OK in the show. My three bed quilts and Tet's were hung in a row, our own mini gallery. The left most two each picked up Judges Merit awards. Given the quilts that won the category, I'm thrilled with that. I lost count of how many times I said that a lot has to do with who/what beats you. If you lose bed quilt or hand quilting to Sandy Lush you really can't take it too badly. One friend I looked at the show with was very upset that a bed quilt only got third, ditto the one that came second, then she saw the winner.

Victorian Steampunk, my dress, was a but of a nightmare to deliver and display. I thnik the show did well given they needed to stop people standing on the train. Yes it would have been lovely to have it in a position where people could walk right around it, but that really wasn't possible at that venue. The dress collected third place in wearable art.

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Susan Briscoe said...

Good to see blogger is letting you post!

'Fractals' kept fooling me - every time I walked past, I was convinced it was made of velvet and had to check. The red/purple large triangles have such a velvety texture in the dye. A real eye-fooler!

Well done. :-)