Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well that's todays job done. Nine quilts delivered to the Sandown show. Not all mine I hasten to add. Two belong to students and one is Tet's. The last of mine were finished last night so they are really fresh for the show. I had been putting them off as my right arm isn't happy, but ultimately they had to be finished or withdrawn, so I sewed anyway. I did enlist help pressing the binding and hand sewing the hanging sleeves though.

The photo today is from Fridays talk. As you can see it was a good size hall with a stage (thank goodness) and a great turn out. From the feedback I've had a good time was had by most if not all. Hope to see some of you at Sandown. I will be going on Friday and Sunday.


Fenland Textile Studio said...

Glad to hear all were delivered safely and that you are busy. Luke working on his FoQ entry which will hopefully include working lights.

Ferret said...

Sorry nothing for FOQ this year. I am going to take some time off to make new quilts.

I hope you will share pictures/video of Luke's quilt it sounds interesting.