Saturday, June 04, 2011


Sorry this blog has been somewhat neglected. It seems when I am at home I can find no end of work to fill my time. Time to bog mostly come up when I am out and about these days. Today I am sitting in a car park waiting to teach machine quilting so it's appropriate that the images I have for you are the quilting on one of the quilt's I've entered into the Sandown show. The quilt is quilted with alternating feathers and background fillers. The top must have been waiting a year for me to have time to quilt it and I had fun with it when I finally got to it. There will be a couple of new quilts from me at Sandown, so keep your eyes open for them.

It's half term for my regular classes so I decided it was time for me to work on something of my own. I've been putting off my new wholecloth until I had the zippers on the frame. I know this quilt will take a lot of time so I have to be able to take it off the frame and do customer work in between. I had planned it to be a square quilt about 100" but the hand dyed cloth is too good to cut so it has ended up a slightly larger rectangle. After three days solid work I am just over half way putting in only the big motifs. I love it but it won't be quick. I am hoping it might be done for the Harrogate show in September but I won't promise anything. If I miss that deadline I should have it done for the Scottish show.


Liz said...

These look lovely I look forward to seeing more. What thread are you using?

Anonymous said...

The thread you can see is Masterpiece by Superior threads. The top threads are a mixture of King Tut and Signature.

Anonymous said...

Oh I should have said that last comment was from me (Ferret). Blogger still isn't letting me log in. Just as well I allow all comments really isn't it.

Sandy said...

Hi Ferret,
Funnily enough I was coming on here to ask what thread you use! I was dissappointed with something I did where the stitching was supposed to help understand what I was saying, but even though I was using the right colours, rayon embroidery thread did not show up at the distance.

Blogs: I was having a problem getting into my blog and some other's blogs to comment. I read a suggestion about unticking the box for remembering your password and then signing in. It seemed to work for me.

I also am getting messages on yours when I am trying to comment that the comment box won't work in frames. Maybe your frame is causing the problem? If you put all your info from your frame in a sidebar instead, it might work.
Sandy in Bracknell

Sandy said...

me again...back up and regroup...I clicked onto Ferret Fabricates at the top on the page for leaving comments and found I could get to your blog without the frame!

I am so glad. I can't scroll the blog with the frame (except I have a scrolly mouse) or return to it if I click on a photo to enlarge. w/out the frame I can!