Friday, June 10, 2011

Another day another hall

So here I am again in another car park. As a speaker and tutor you get to see a lot of car parks, maybe I should start photographing them for a collection. No, maybe not. Yesterday evening I was in Ringwood in Hampshire. It was a nice hall with a stage. Being short and making big quilts stages help a lot. It's really hard work holding all your quilts above your head for an hour but when you have a good stage you can hold them at a comfortable height. I didn't have time to take any phots though, sorry. We had a good turn out and despite me being a bit rusty the talk seemed to go down well. I even got a good run home and made it back just after midnight.

Today I am having lunch with Gone to Pieces near Amersham. After lunch I will try and keep them awake with my quilts. The straight after lunch slot is a tricky one. Full warm people do tend to fall asleep. I don't take it personally but I do challenge myself to try and keep them all awake. I usually fail.


Sheila Alink-Brunsdon said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your talk at Gone to Pieces (came first time as a visitor) - fall asleep! - I wass riveted as gorgeous quilt after gorgeous quilt unfolded. I loved the frisson that you sent through your audiece with your asides too. Thank you for a great afternoon. I hope I might one day attend one of your workshops. Recent addict to quilting Sheila.

Ferret said...

Thanks, I don't think there were more than 4 asleep at any one time so I feel it went well. It's hard being the afternoon speaker, relaxed after lunch anyone will struggle.