Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Much good news

Sorry it's been a while. Things got a touch hectic again. Still this time it was largely good hectic. I delivered nine quilts to Sandown for the National Quilt Championships. Not all mine I hasten to add. I just figured as I was taking mine I may as well fill the car as much as I could. All seem to have been very well received by the visitors. I was lucky enough to win two ribbons. Winter Star collected second place in the bed quilt category and Radiance was awarded a judges merit. It was really good to see how many people liked my students and customer work too. With a range of people looking at the work there is someone to love every quilt. Very few spotted the stitched aircraft on the tie quilts though, but a lot were interested in making one, and I gained a father :)

You might have noticed the wholecloth winner. A small white quilt with a lot of featehrs on it? It was made by Sally (who you can see collecting her awards at her blog). A while ag she and I decided we would make each other a quilt. Being a bit more organised than me she has finsihed my one and on Sunday I was presented with not one, but two little quilts. One of them even looks like the award winning quilt! Of course she thought to make mine in a proper colour (OK non colour then) black. I will get a photo of it as soon as I have a chance.

I bought lots of fabric at the show including the most perfect dragon scales. As soon as I finish the last custoemr quilt which is now on the frame I will be able to load up the backing for the dragon. The pattern has been drawn for me by an artist friend so it is exactly the dragon I wanted. It's currnetly lurking in my longarm room, just waiting to chomp unwary visitors. I am so looking forward to getting on with it, it's huge and I love it already. I'd better get on with this customer quilt then hadn't I.

Oh and my friend who collected his free helicopter ride is out of hosptal and doing well. Thanks for all the good wishes.


Susan Briscoe said...

Congratulations - I did eventually get to see the quilts! And, surprise, the quilt that someone described to me in great detail turned out to be your star.

Thanks for the flying saucers...

Cy Dethan said...

Wow - congratulations on your two ribbons, and to Sally too for her wholecloth win.

Nichola said...

Argh - Cy beat me to it!

Well done, once again.

Say congratulations to Sally for us when you talk to her. Hope we get to meet up with her again at the festival.


Stitchinscience said...

Fantastic news Ferret. I hoep we will see these quilts when you caome to talk to us in July!

Penny said...

Congratulations on the awards.

The dragon sounds fab, I hope you can bring it to life.