Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's off the frame

This has taken far longer than I would have hoped but it's finally off the frame. I can't recommend pulling the muscles around your ribs if you want to be able to freehand quilt. Still by plugging away a little at the time it's done and I am quite pleased with it. It could do with blocking really as it has a lot of dense quilting, but I haven't anywhere to do that. I am going to try letting it hang for a few days starting from damp and see how that works. I think one of the problems is it still have some wash away stabiliser in it so it's a bit stiff in some places.

I've just draped it over my bed pillows and all but I think you can see the general idea of it. The white areas are cutaway applique. I don't like putting white over black as it tends to come up grey so I thought it would be better to put the black over the white. I worked pretty well I think. It also meant I needed to use pale wadding rather than black for this quilt. I would have felt safer with black but I really wanted sharp white.

The figure is entirely in thread as are the letters. You can see the figure better on the back of the quilt (second image) it's about 60" head to toe. I love the effect of the stitching, but it is very hard work to do. I'm not to fond of making all those freehand zigzags. Still as proof on concept it's come out very nicely.

As I said this quilt will only ever be at one show. The Festival of Quilts, England 2009. So if you do want to see it in the cloth that's where you will need to be. I can assure you there will be a range of new and odd (if not interesting) pieces from me and I am sure many other artists will be slaving away as speak to fill the show with the best work around.

I'm really looking forward to having the gallery to be able to show a whole collection of work. The problem is I have more ideas than I can possibly make in time. I keep trying to tell myself there will be more shows in future, but I want it all and I want it now :) Some things will never change. I will now take a break from my work to do a few customer quilts then I will be back at another mammoth piece. I really should learn to work small.


Penny said...

I like that one, I'll look forward to seeing it in the show

shannon said...

ferret, you've out done yourself! the quilt/ing is beautiful! pat yourselfo n the back.

Kath G said...

Ferret I really like your Joker. Such inspirational quilting.
looking forward to seeing all your work at the show

Norma C said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this in the flesh, so to speak, and to all your exhibits at FOQ in August.

Cher said...

Ferret, Wow!! Job well done. Your joker looks amazing. Love it. I won't be able to come to England to see it in person but look forward to photos when you have time to post them.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Cher in BC

Ferret said...

I am sure I will put up a virtual tour after the show, so they will all be on here eventually. Maybe this virtual show will have some added bonuses too :)

Shannon, I think I will pass on patting myself on the back. I might hurt myself more :0

Yvonne Morgan said...

It looks amazing! Can't wait to see it for real in August

Tracey said...

Looks good Ferret!