Monday, June 15, 2009

Good news, bad news

It's been an eventful weekend. Trogdor our race car wasn't ready to race this weekend, so Joker stood in for him again. Saturday she and Tet couldn't quite get it together and they were last after qualifying. So Sunday morning we stood at the start line for round one talking to Spencer and discussing how it wasn't going to be so bad going out first round. We didn't want to be standing around in the sun all day and Spencer had lots of other cars he was crewing for. When we stood there again Sunday evening after the trophy presentation we agreed this must be the way towin race meetings, have agood reason to go out early :) Spencer came first Tet and Joker took the second place. Thrilled? You bet.

We made it home OK then found out we were in demand. Unfortunately one of our friends has claimed a free helicopter ride. He was involved in a crash with his trike and was airlifted to a specialist center. It sounds like he is doing OK, and the trike is safe, but it isn't really what we want.He isn't even one of our friends who would have likes a helicopter ride. So it seems a good time to mention that the UK air ambulances are a charity. They fly beause people and businesses donate to them. You really never know when you or someone close to you will need their services, so how about making a donation now while you think about it. There is a web site for all of the air ambulance services in the UK here. If you click on your local helicopter it will give you the web site to donate to them directly. I am sure other countries will have thier own versions of this service and are probably also in need of funds. It isn't cheap to keep a helicopter flying but it can save lives where no other transport could.


Cy Dethan said...

Wow - congratulations to Tet & Joker!

Sorry to hear about the trike crash. Anyone I know? Anyone else involved?

Penny said...

That is good news about the results.

Hope your friend is not too serious.

Yvonne Morgan said...

Nice racing!!

One of my friends needed airlifting last year after a coach pulled over into her as she was doing the bike leg of a triathlon. Luckily she only had a broken collarbone, could have been so much worse :-(

Anonymous said...

Hope your friends okay by the way Martin has left crossflight

Ferret said...

Out of hospital. He's either a lot bouncier than they thought or just tougher. Broken collar bone, shoulder and skull.