Saturday, March 07, 2009

A run of great quilts

There are days, sometimes even weeks when I love my job, and it's all down to what quilts come in. Recently I've been really lucky and had a run of fun well behaved quilts. I can't tell you what a difference it makes to load a really flat square quilt. It's just amazing. The last one I finished tonight was the most unusual. On the longarm quilting system I load the three layers of a quilt individually. You generally can't work on one that has been tacked or partly quilted as it rucks up and gets tucks in either the front or the back. Well one came in tacked, it happens, but it looked exceptionally flat. So I tried loading it. It worked! The most remarkable thing is I am pretty sure the customer said it was her first quilt. Flat as a board perfectly tacked and with fantastic points. I was in heaven working on it. Now I just have to hope she likes what I have done with it :)

Anyway to bed, I am teaching frame quilting tomorrow so it's going to be a hard day. I still have places on my three part course 'A quilt of your own'. This course will take you through designing and planning your own quilt. Help will be offered with block choices, setting, sizes and methods of construction. I am finding more students are having a go at making something up for themselves, and this course is intended to provide the support and assistance for those trying this for the first time, or trying something more complex then they have in the past. It can be booked online at the link to the class.


Cher said...

Hi Ferret, I knew exactly what you were talking about. I quilted for others until recently and some were pretty hard to work on. The last quilt I did was a dream to work on. It wasn't her first quilt though.
Good luck with your class. I think everyone can do something original, some just need the encouragement.

Cher in BC

Penny said...

Hi Ferret, I got my leaflet about this years Festival of Quilts, complete with your name in it.

It sounds like that quilter was very careful with her basting.