Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cool or what!

Isn't this just amazing? No? Have a closer look at this address label. It's stitched. It arrived this morning in clear plastic so it could be seen on the outside of the package. The package contained some quilts that a friend was returning to me. My quilts have never had a proper quilt bag before, let alone one with a proper label.

maybe I shoudn't be so excited about my quilts coming home, but a proper quilt bag! Does that mean I've made it into the realms of proper quilters? Do I need to start making them for all my quilts so they don't feel left out :)


Lady Hopwood said...

This makes me want to make more quilts so I can make friends with people with embroidery machines who can make me beautiful bags and labels like this - wow!

Penny said...

It's a very cool label! But you're a proper quilter already.

LINZI said...

I couldn't resist running up a fabric quilt bag and label.
Last week I put my daughter's school jumper in the wash and destroyed a good work badge the teacher had made. Did I make another one the same in felt pen... NO, cos I'm a quilter!

Ferret said...

Any chance of you taking commissions to make more bags Linzi? For those of us who are terminally lazy :)