Monday, March 30, 2009

A found a good quilt shop.

I know it shouldn't be a news item, but trust me. It is. I've had far more negative experiences of quilt shops than positive, so when I do find a good one I like to share the information. I was in need of some supplies that my local show is out of stock of, and despite me keeping pretty good stocks myself I am out too. I happened to be going to Kent and I remembered that there is a quilt shop in Sevenoaks. Being stuck in traffic has it's uses, I had time to remember the name of the shop too, Puddleducks (see something does sink in from the ads in the quilt magazines). out with the trusty phone and I shortly had a website and from that an address and phone number. Yes, people really do use this information. I had a little trouble finding the shop but that was due to the postcode look up giving me the wrong address and me not spotting it. Follow the advice on the site and park in the public car park it is really cheap.

Unusually for a quilt shop, someone appeared quickly and said hello. Maybe this happens to other people but it doesn't often to me. She was keen to help and very friendly. Unfortunately they didn't have what I needed either but I did get some fabric. I nice batch of batiks for one of my new big projects and some more blacks and greys. While I was there a couple of other people came into the shop. I think one works there and the other was just a customer, but they were both lovely as well. Very welcoming. The shop was also happy to let me use the loo. Maybe not a big deal but when you have a long drive home in rush hour traffic it is very much appreciated.

Now before you think that maybe the shop had seen the recent article about me and were being nice because of it, they hadn't. This shop is just full of nice people. It's so nice to be welcomed in a quilt shop, and to be able to recommend a shop. If you are in the Sevenoaks area do give these guys a visit, you might also like to look into their range of courses. I believe they do quite a few and have a classroom behind the main room of the shop. Just in case you missed it earlier their web site is here.

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