Saturday, January 10, 2009

Where, when and what.

I've started putting a listing of where I am teaching or speaking onto my web site. I am hoping it will be useful to my students and help with publicity for the groups who book me. So far January and February are up, but the rest is on it's way. Please do check your event is listed and if you would like me to include contact details for your group email me what you would like adding.

I also have a couple of free spaces on my weekly classes at Patchwork Corner. So if you would be able to come over to Hemel Hempstead once a week to join in the fun give the shop a call on (01442) 259000. We would love to meet you.


Penny said...

Cool idea!

Susan Briscoe said...

Hi Ferret,

I've been thinking about adding links to talk/workshops for groups bookings but do you find people are then contacting you for info instead of the group (e.g. where they don't have their own website?) Does it create a lot more phone admin?

Ferret said...

Not so far, of course having said this they will :)

I have to admit it is partly for my benefit, I can check what I am doing from places other than home.

It's pretty common on US teachers/speakers websites so I am guessing that it isn't usually a problem.