Friday, January 16, 2009

Ta da

Finally I can say what I am spending most of my time working on. I mentioned I am planning for a gallery show in 2009. Well it isn't just any show. It is for a gallery at the Festival of Quilts. I am hoping I can find other venues for it afterwards, but right now that will have to wait, I need to make quilts.

As you might expect, when offered large expanses of wall, I have big ideas. Who knows if I will be able to make them all, but I will have a darn good go. The dragster (yes it is a car, yes I did forget to post it) is hopefully going to be joined by a few more in the same vein. They are (for me) fairly small so I like the idea of having a few of them together. I have a few new ladies I would like to get done, the first of which is almost ready to become fabric. I am also working on the illustration form Cancertown, it's big, really big!

Now I am also looking for suggestions. Which quilts would you really like to see on display again? I am expecting to have room to hang some of my older work, and I would love to hang those that people really want to see. I do have some ideas as to which might be appreciated but you're the ones who know what you like.

I hope that this will be an amazing opportunity to display a large collection of my work, and to meet a lot of quilters. OK I know I will forget everyone's name (probably even my own) but it would be good to even briefly put faces to names. Also with the dollar so strong against the pound this might be a great time for some of you American quilters to come and sample the biggest quilt show in Europe.

The only downside is I may need to scale back on my quilting for customers. So if you do have work you would like me to do, please talk to me well before any deadlines you have. I will do my best to fit everything in but it will take planning and if I have a big art quilt on the frame I have to finish before I can remove it. So long as I know what is needed when I hope to be able to plan around this.


Lana said...

Good for you! While I won't be there to see them (trains not often scheduled from New Delhi to Birmingham), I'd like to see Heat and Guide Me shown. They're two of my favourites.

Yvonne Morgan said...

Congratulations!! I'm going to miss the FoQ this year (only get beck from the US on the Friday). I'd love to see Guide Me there as well, I was totally blown away when I saw it in real life

Penny said...

Congratulations! Now I can tell people about it. I liked the quilt you did of the moon, but that is probably quite an idiosyncratic liking. Also the Union Jack quilt, although that might have been on display enough for the moment.

(I've told DH that we have to arrange this years holiday so I can come and support you.)

Ferret said...

Well so far you've all picked ones I've been thinking about. I do think there is a perfect spot in the gallery design for Guide Me. Blue Moon I love to bits, well I would wouldn't I. Heat is a small nude and I have a suspicion that people will expect nudes. Dunno why :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ferret, I sure would love to see your work in person. Since I'm in BC Canada that likely won't happen so you'll have to post lots of photos. Heat and Guide Me are two of my favourites but will look forward to seeing your new work as well.

Cher in BC

Ferret said...

Cher, I would love to come to Canada. If you know a few quilt groups in your area, I will contact them and see if I can arrange to bring the quilts to you.