Friday, January 09, 2009

Oooh oooh ooooh

I am so thrilled. I made it onto a cover of a magazine. Well the title of the item about me did, and well, it's the first time I've made a cover at all so it's pretty thrilling. The February edition of Popular Patchwork has an article written by Tricia Revest. I am so chuffed with it. I still don't like this being photographed business, and I find being interviewed very stressful, but I think Tricia has done a very good job.

Oh and to top it off Sally managed to get her quilt in, not once, but twice. Well done Sally! It is her wholecloth 'Flying High', which was at the Scottish Quilt Championships. If I am reading it correctly it won the wholecloth award at the show. All in all a very good magazine to come home to.


Anonymous said...

Wow, a cover girl now, excellent! Liz

Feather on a Wire said...

Cover girl! Wow, haven't you been a centrefold too?
Thanks for noticing my quilt, I'll go hunt out a copy,

Fran said...


Cy Dethan said...

Excellent! Congratulations.

Ferret said...

Thanks guys. I've just been to a fabric sale, and given that the article only came out a couple of days ago a heck of a lot of people seem to have read it. It's a very strange feeling.

Penny said...

Congratulations! I'll have to look out for it.