Sunday, November 04, 2012

Too tired to make sense but posting anyway

 I really should be going and getting some dinner but Tet has fallen asleep so I will try and do this instead. Be warned, I've been repeating myself for several days now and I'm tired so I may not make a lot of sense. I also haven't edited the images so they are huge. They should look good if you click on them to enlarge them though. I am also hoping you will be able to read the signs (and that I have put up the right ones for the quilts).

The first picture tonight is a random building in Houston :) Well not that random, it's the one we can see from the lift and we both rather like it. I like the whole Houston skyline actually and I think it may well become a quilt at some point. I know we have more pictures of it, but asleep person has the camera so I guess you'll have to wait for that.

This quilt is hanging next door but one to my quilt. That's a mixed blessing. I get to look at it a lot, which is great, but it is way too good and I'd rather is was further away from my quilt. It is called 'Adventure Awaits' and was quilted by Sue McCarty, it is stunning. The detail on it is just fantastic. How this quilt didn't get in the top 3 is just beyond me. If something this amazing only gets honourable mention I can totally understand how I didn't place. I have so many pictures of this quilt because every time I look at it I see another feature I love. I think that these gates are probably my favourite part of the quilt, but I reserve the right to change my mind.

 This quilt was one of the awards that really pleased me at the winners circle. It's not a big quilt and it's in a category with a lot of far larger pieces but it holds it's own very well. The photograph doesn't capture the amazing glow this quilt has. The fabrics have been chosen to capture the light hitting this tree. If I could take a show quilt home with me it would probably be this one, because not only do I love it but it's small enough I could hang it too. 'The Leprechaun's Tree' by Robin M. Haller.

Another award winner that I was pleased to see  was 'Departure' by Kiyomi Takayanagi (I hope I got all those letters right). This quilt ticks all my boxes. I love the colour, the shading, the piecing and the quilting. I do find Japanese quilts very intimidating, the workmanship is amazing. One day I will be brave enough to try submitting one of my quilts to a Japanese show, but I'm not sure I'm quite there yet.

Yes I know, I'm mean, these are nearly all detail pictures but come on, these details are worth studying :)


Sue said...
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Sue said...

The quilts look amazing wish I was there.
You must be at the Hyatt. Don't throw yourself over the internal balconies. I found that lift far to quick when it goes up and down.
Don't know if you know but if you walk beyond that tall building their is the heritage park with lots of old buildings dating through the ages. Lots of vintage quilts on the beds.
Enjoy the rest of the show and more eye candy when you can PLEASE.

Susan Briscoe said...

'Aventure Awaitits' has some fantastic quilting, but IMHO there's something not quite resolved in the composition - the figure doesn't seem quite right in relation to the rest of the design. 'Prometheus' on the other hand is pretty much perfect on design composition. Just my viewpoint!

Ferret said...

Have you seen the whole quilt Susan? I haven't but I suspect when you see it as a whole it will be great.

Ferret said...

Have a look here for the whole quilt. They didn't display all of it so I don't have a picture of it.