Friday, November 02, 2012

Great lunch buddies

 Between market and festival there is a two day break, where the visitors need to entertain themselves and the stall holders panic. We decided to give the Downtown Aquarium a try. It's not a huge place but it does let you pet rays so I was happy. The best display of rays though is in the restaurant. They are quite distracting which I thought was great. I love the way they fly in the water. I guess I now need to try a quilt of one as we have loads of pictures.

Right now though it's gone 10 so hopefully the queue at the show will be reducing. I need to go and catch the bus to play with the public. Wish me luck the aircon is playing havoc with my throat and I have almost no voice. I can see Tet doing a lot of talking today. Just as well he has heard the spiel so often and can sound pretty much like me :)

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