Friday, November 02, 2012

In the naughty corner

Although the quilt festival opened today last night was preview night and IQA members could get into the show from 5pm-10pm. I obviously had to take advantage of this to meet people and to shop. In doing so I discovered the show has a naughty corner. You know you've found it when you hit the Innova longarm booth. I've not worked out if they are in the corner or just out of it, I suspect it depends on who you talk to and when, but everything beyond them is certainly in the corner. To one side you find Akonye Kenya, who sell lots of fabrics beads and other objects sourced from Africa. He hasn't managed to sell me anything yet, having limited space makes you a lot pickier, but he has some lovely fabrics. However, I don't think I will ever forget him, and those of you who know me well know that has to bode :) He wears a kilt which would give him a fair chance of being remembered but his wicked sense of humour guarantees it. Never ever leave a computer guided longarm unattended with him around, really, just don't.

To the other side the two bad boy longarmers are lurking. I thought it would be nice to show you a picture of the two of them with their new products (which I may have had to buy :) but the more observant of you will see I only caught one of them. Their handlers are threatening to put shock collars on them so they can be kept closer to the stands in future. Dusty didn't run fast enough so we have a picture of him and the bag of goodies. In this bag you get a set of his rulers and the DVD to go with them. He assures me it makes him look really clever. I don't find that too hard to believe. Of course what I really want is the new book he is working on. He stitched out a couple of things from it and they look great. Why is it I always want the thing I can't have?

If you are at the show there is a special offer of the 5 rulers and the DVD for $105. They are booth number, 162 Country Stitchin. Failing that they do have a web site, where you can order the rulers, but I think it's going to cost more.

As most of you know I don't do a lot with rulers. I do however sometimes want to be able to repeat a curve. I liked the look of these partly for the wide range of curves you get but they also look like they will be easy shapes to handle. They aren't huge either so they should play nicely on the smaller frame. I suppose if I was really keen I could watch the DVD while I am here and see if Innova would let me play with my rulers on their machines, but then again that might just be the step too far. I am already getting though their fabric and thread at an alarming rate. Maybe I will leave the DVD safe in it's shrink wrap until I get home.


Sue said...

Sounds like your having fun in the naughty corner with the bad boys.
Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Anonymous said...

so glad you're back blogging - have missed you!

Ferret said...

I just hope I can make it work at home too. I may have to use this machine for a bit, which is a pain but at least it works. I wish people wouldn't new and improve things because it is never actually an improvement.