Thursday, February 09, 2012

Tiny quilts

Those of you who have seen me out and about with me machine will know I doodle as much as I can on it to show people what I do and how the machine works. In the past I just worked on a single big piece, which to be honest I would have stuffed in a cupboard until I threw it away. Fortunately my visitors showed me the error of my ways and the play pieces became art in their own right. So, this time I am making all my demo pieces about A4 (they are actually a little bigger) and cutting them out as I go. This works much better. As I thought it allows visitors to request specific designs and it means they can take it away immediately.


Kath Garvey said...

Ferret I love them, and such a good idea.

Georgina said...

Looking forward to meeting you in Llanidloes on Tuesday!