Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Quiltfest - Llangollen

Well guys time is running out. My exhibition at the International Pavilion Llangollen is drawing to a close. It will be open Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Today, talking to some of the visitors I realised it's going to be a very long time before my work is this well displayed again. It is so rare to have the very long sightlines that this venue provides. We have deliberately kept the center of the space clear so you can really step back and see the quilts from a distance. For my more traditional quilts this isn't important but for the art quilts it's wonderful. Oddly today has also been the first day when most of the visitors had seen pictures of my work before coming to the gallery. They found the quilts to be quite different in real life, that really makes the effort worthwhile. Putting on a show like this isn't easy, either as the organisers or the artist. It means a lot when the visitors appreciate the end result.

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