Friday, February 10, 2012

Busy day at the gallery

As promised the visitor numbers have been increasing as the end of the show draws closer. I only got a chance to get a picture as we were leaving this evening. I've been very pleased with the response to the show. It seems that most visitors have found something to inspire them. I've also got a surprising amount of little quilts made and again, the different patterns and styles all seem to have found their fans.

If you would like to see the show your last chance is Sunday, which is also trading day. The show will be open 10-4, admission 2.50 and free parking. Well when I say free parking that's not entirely true. The organisers will be paying the parking for you, because a lot of visitors have been upset by the pay and display system. It does however mean less money will be donated to charity so I have mixed feelings about it.

Tonight Susan and I finally got a chance to sit, eat and chat. I made us dinner in the van, and I think she is now sold on my van. 3 course meal, very little effort and even less washing up. I love the posh bags of dinner that are so easy to heat. She had venison and juniper stew while I went for the beef stew, we both had chocolate mouse. The mouse is meant for camping but it's really yummy. I only allow myself to eat it when I am living in the van and I do look forward to it. While I was moving things around I found the toffee chocolates Ricky Tims gave me. Oh boy! I might have to go to La Veta just to get more, they are amazing. He did say they were good, but even so. Yup slumming it in the van is great.

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Susan Briscoe said...

Dinner was delicious thank you!