Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wales, speed 4 and Oakshot

I can't be sure but I suspect tonights pictures will be in reverse order but hopefully you will be able to figure it out. The rain has stayed with me the last two days but the people I've met have more than made up for it. My satnav seems to really not get on with Wales. i am doing better now I know I have to change country before it will find places but it still has phases of refusing to talk to me and on the way to Cibi quilteres it kept exagerating how long it would take to get there, so I didn't dare stop for photos which is a real shame. The ones I have are from the house I stayed in last night. It was snuggled in a valley with hills/mountains all round. I couldn't get a picture of the other ones as someone had parked a motorhome in front of them ;)

During the day yesterday we worked on Speed 4. As you can see the ladies made great progress. I should be able to put up some more pictures soon. Even those who thought they would keep up and those having bad days achieved a lot. We also did a lot of laughing. It's just as well i have this evening off to rest my voice. As well as the enthusiastic quilting the refreshments were great. Apparently this was the last time the group would be meeting in this venue but I am quite sure their new venue will be great. I can't imagine that group having meetings without good food.

Overnight I was with one of the members and I was spoilt rotten. I was a bit worried about it. I really like spending time in my van as it means I can relax and recharge, but I guess bribary and corruption works as well on me as anyone. Roast dinner, with pigs in blankets, a cat and a selection of quilts was quite a bribe. More than that it was inspiring. I haven't been this excited about an idea in about a year. I hope some of you will join me in the South of France in September to hear all about it.

Today was my talk for Cibi quilters and lunch with them, see what I mean about the refreshments ;) They had chosen my art quilts talk. That took a bit of thinking about as I don't get to do it that often. It was nice to have the change, and it means I get to talk about different quilts. The group were a great audience and very enthusiastic about everything, I really hope I will get to come back here sometime.

Loading up, was made very quick and easy by many hands who did things exactly as I asked, thank you. Leaving me lots of time to go and play. It had been suggested that I could go to Abbergaveny market, but as I said there was a lot of rain. Or I could visit Doughtys who were having a sale. Both were trumped by Oakshot. I hadn't realised they were in the area but after seeing a lady use their fabrics for speed 4 I had to visit their shop. Yes my cunning plan does involve their fabrics. I am so pleased I chose to go to them. I was greeted with a cup of tea, jasmine tea no less and a box of biscuits. As you can see there are also lovey displays of their fabrics and kits. All of which I would guess are on their website. I not only got the fabrics I was looking for but also some interesting wadding. It's a bamboo but not like any I've seen before. I can't wait to try it. I also have an interfacing to play with, I'll let you know how I get on. After a tour of the warehouse I headed to my hotel. It's the same one I stayed at on the 11th. So I thought I would be having pizza again. However there isn't Pizza Hut here. I did wonder if I was just being daft but no. They are renweing the services here. Wimpy and Pizza Hut have gone and will be replaced by McDonalds and the Hot Food Co. In the meantime you have to eat at the only remaining food place. They wouldn't have been my first choice but the food was very good. I wonder if being the only option means a higher turnover and thus better food. Whatever it was good. Now I think it's time for a quick bath and then some writing.


Susan Briscoe said...

Told you you'd have fun with Cibi quilters - they're a great group.

Your problems with the satnav are probably one reason I don't have one yet (being in Wales LOL).

Was good to see you on Sunday at Quiltfest - next year is being planned already...

Susan Briscoe said...

The autumn colours stash bags on the top shelves in the Oakshott photo are a couple of my designs. :-)