Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Enough already

So as you will have gathered I have been working quite hard to make sure everything went smoothly for the trip. The van have been prepared and loaded so all I had to do this morning was drive to my regular class, from there I could head to Portsmouth. By the end of my road I knew the van sounded odd but only when breaking so it would probably be OK. A mile later there the noise was louder and there was a smell of burning rubber, home I went. I thought the noise was fan belt or alternator related as we fitted a new one recently. Indeed the fan belt was a little loose, so we tightened it, checked the van and I tried again. The noise was mostly gone but not the smell. Call me paranoid but I do not like driving a vehicle where something is getting hotter than it should. Fire is not a good thing in a vehicle. I was forced to cancel the classes and take the van for a second opinion. So far the answer is, that's a bad smell, something's not right. I have everything crossed that Doug will work his magic and find the fault, today. Then please can things go smoothly for a week or so? Please, pretty please.

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